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Ash Vac Burn Test

We received an email from one of our AshVac dealers explaining how he shows his customers that the Love-Less Ash Vac won’t catch fire. Although we don’t recommend trying this yourself, we just had to share it. Here is what he said.


“I tell my customers that the Ash Vac won’t catch fire, so one day, I had a customer sitting in my shop, I grabbed a Vac. He asked me what I was doing? I told him , “I tell everyone these won’t catch fire, so I’m going to suck the fire out of this stove.” He thought I was crazy, but had to see for myself. I opened the pellet stove & started sucking out the BURNING PELLETS. The hose got so hot, I dropped it on the floor. I took the cover off the Vac, & noticed the outside filter had some charring & a few red embers. The filter DIDN’T catch fire! I have the filter on display & tell this to everyone that burns PELLETS.It has helped me make sales. Thanks for such a great product to offer my customers.”


Remember, our ash vacuums are designed to remove warm-to-cold ash ONLY, but a demonstration like this shows how sturdy they really are.


If you’d like more information on our line of AshVacs, please check out our AshVac page HERE.

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