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DustBubble™ included on the DIY Network

DustBubble™ included on the DIY Network with Tool Expert, Chris Grundy in “Cool Tools.”

Chris Grundy is a tool expert from many perspectives. He currently is the host of a show called Cool Tools that showcases hot new products for any do-it-yourselfer! He recently traveled to the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Florida and found some really awesome and innovative products that make a big difference in saving time and money in home improvement projects. He gives insight on some of the latest and greatest tools within the industry.

DustBubble 3 Pack by Dustless TechnologiesOne of his favorite’s is the all-new DustBubble™ offered from the top manufacturer of dust collection products, Dustless Technologies. The DustBubble is a great new way to capture dust while drilling holes in sheetrock, plaster, tile or wood to mention a few. The DustBubble  uses a combination of adhesion to the wall and the action of the drill itself to catch virtually all the dust when you drill. They make drilling jobs easier – leaving both hands free while you drill and saves you the clean up afterwards. When you’ve finished drilling, you simply remove the DustBubble™ from the wall and discard it along with all the dust. It REALLY is that simple! read more

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Dustless Technologies – Hot Topic for the 2012 National Hardware Show

New products spark excitement at the National Hardware Show

The running of the 67th National Hardware Show was a big event for over 2,000 exhibitors from across the world. Dustless Technologies, located in the South Hall, was very ecstatic about the interest in their brand new dust collection products.  With cutting-edge innovation always in mind, Dustless Technologies has developed some unique items for contractors, all proudly Made in the USA. These three items below were the hot topic at the annual National Hardware Show in Las Vegas,Nevada.

  1. SawBuddie 7 inch Dust ShroudSawBuddie: Most of the renovation contractors that came by the booth really got excited about the new SawBuddie. “Who doesn’t like having a cleaner working area?” said several current dealers. This unique product is the ONLY dust shroud available for reciprocating saws. A very quick and simple installation of the shroud allows for point-of-origin dust collection, capturing 99% of airborne dust. The product is also in compliance with the EPA RRP regulations when used with the Dustless Technologies HEPA Full Unit Certified Vacuum. The SawBuddie fits most reciprocating saws and has a line of sight gap within the bristles so you can always have an unobscured view for precise cutting. To see a demonstration of the product check out the video on the product page here.
  2. DustBubble 3 PackDustBubble™: The new DustBubble’s have been a hit with many different markets – from home improvement gurus to construction professionals, and everyone in between! The hardware attendee’s that stopped by really liked the fact that doing something as simple as drilling holes in a wall, can now be done dust-free with the DustBubble’s. The product allows for no more mess on the floor or airborne dust while drilling holes using a hand drill. The product is a transparent pouch that sticks to the wall and collects virtually all of the dust while drilling. Simply “stick it, drill it, toss it!” Now offering bright, space-saving countertop packaging displays for retail locations. For more information on the DustBubbles click here.
  3. BobCat Ash SeparatorBobCat™: The hardware show brought forward some exciting products that are for home and hearth use. The new patent pending BobCat Ash Separator was on everyone’s “to-see” list. This product is a totally new concept in ash removal due to its ability to remove both cold and warm ash from fireplaces or wood stoves. There is no product on the market like it that can handle “warm” ash. The product is a safe, neat, and easy way to clean ash using a household vacuum or shop style vacuum. You can get as much power as you need, all based on the power of the vacuum you attach to the BobCat. The unique design of the product allows you to clean the filter without opening the canister, simply by lifting, and releasing, the spring-loaded handle. UPDATE: The BobCat has been discontinued and replaced by the Cougar Ash Vacuum. It provides the same great features with the vacuum included.

Dustless Technologies was excited to hear all the positive feedback from display and demonstration at the trade show. All of our products are proudly made in the USA. All the products highlighted are available, and ready to ship. Visit our web site for further product specifications, to become a dealer, or to find a dealer near you. We look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas, Nevada for next years National Hardware Show, May 7 – 9, 2013! read more

DustBubble Debuts At NAHB IBS Show

Discover a new way to capture dust with the new DustBubble

DustBubble 3 Pack

Contractors were introduced to a new way to capture dust when using a hand drill – the DustBubble™, from Dustless Technologies. The DustBubble is a disposable round plastic pouch that adheres to the surface being drilled. As the drilling is done, the pouch fills with shavings and dust. When done, simply peel it away and dispose of it. Stick it. Drill it. Toss it. It is that easy to use.

The DustBubble comes in three specifications: one for wallpaper/painted surfaces, one for wood and unpainted surfaces, and one for metal. The chief difference is in the strength of the adhesive. read more

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NEW DustBubble™ – Keeping your renovation projects dust free!

The new DustBubble™ is a great addition to any home improvement project.

DustBubble for Drywall“Stick it – Drill it – Toss it” is the terminology contractors, DIYer’s and renovation experts have used to describe one of the greatest new home improvement products on the market! Have you ever wanted to do some remodeling but without all the dusty mess that typically comes along with drilling holes? Now you can easily do so – mess free – with the DustBubble’s advanced technology.

DustBubble’s collect virtually all the dust while you’re drilling in sheet rock, metal, tiles, wood, plaster, or untreated surfaces. The product is simple to use, disposable, and ultimately a clever way to keep things clean while you’re drilling. The product is transparent so you can easily spot where you need to drill. There is adhesive on the back that sticks to the wall, drill in the center of the DustBubble and it will catch all of your shavings. Simply remove the DustBubble from the wall and discard it. It’s that easy! read more

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