Use our new Interactive OSHA Silica Rule Compliance Tool to quickly find the most cost-effective way to comply using our vacuums and universal-fit shrouds. Get OSHA Compliant

Vacuum & Dust Collection: No More Excuses, It’s Compliance Time for Contractors

Dustless Technologies leads off in Tom Hammel’s article, “Vacuum & Dust Collection: No More Excuses, It’s Compliance Time for Contractors” in the August-September 2018 edition of Contractor Supply Magazine. Make compliance easier with our Interactive OSHA Silica Rule Compliance Tool and check out the tools mentioned in the article at the links below and at


From the article:

Vacuums & Dust Collection. No More Excuses - It's Compliance Time for Contractors.


OSHA compliance is now the law of the land and you can bet inspectors will be on full alert for contractors who have not gotten with the dust containment program yet. Fortunately, these leading manufacturers are here with compliant solutions for virtually every dust-generating application. If you have these, you can breath easy.


Dustless Technologies

You’re doing what you do best – building, renovating and creating. You have all the right equipment, including a vacuum and dust collection shrouds to cut down on cleanup and respiratory problems years down the road. You look at your trusty vacuum and notice a cloud of dust hovering over it and you realize it is no longer the faithful helper you had thought.


“As government regulations like OSHA’s Silica Rule, the EPA’s lead paint remediation rules (RRP), and public awareness of the dangers of respirable dust have grown, the shortcomings of traditional ship vacuums have become more apparent,” says Brent Wilson, product manager for Dustless Technologies. “More and more, contractors are being required to use vacuums with efficient filtration and filter cleaning mechanisms. Working with these hazardous materials requires more than your run-of-the-mill shop vacuum.2 Vacuums DustBuddie for Flatwork


Dustless Technologies combines job site-tough vacuum systems and innovative attachments for applications including drilling, hand sawing, and flatwork.


Brent WilsonThe problem is that all dust collectors are not created equal and upgrading your filter doesn’t guarantee that the finest, most dangerous dust will stay inside your vacuum. Dust-laden air will always follow the path of least resistance, bypassing the filter if the vacuum is not fully sealed. This creates a more hazardous condition as the vacuum spreads the finest, most dangerous dust throughout the workspace. To fully contain this dust, a vacuum must be designed from the bottom up for full containment.


‘Dustless Technologies’ name says it all,” Wilson states. “We have been innovating dustless solutions for more than 30 years, building and designing some of the most durable and truly dustless vacuums and collection shrouds on the market. We developed certified HEPA vacuums with filter cleaning mechanisms long before it was required. From our flagship HEPA wet + dry Dustless vac to our industrial-grade Dust Droids, our Silica Rule and EPA RRP-compliant vacuums keep dust where it belongs – in the vacuum.”


See the original article in the August-September 2018 edition of Contractor Supply Magazine.


Products mentioned in this article:


D4000 DustBuddie for Worm Drive Saws
D0084 DustBuddie for Flatwork
D1603 Dustless Wet+Dry Vac
D1606 Dustless Wet+Dry HEPA Vac
H0302 Dust Droid 300
H0601 Dust Droid 600


Use our new Interactive OSHA Silica Rule Compliance Tool to quickly find the most cost-effective way to comply using our vacuums and universal-fit shrouds.

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New OSHA Rule for Containing Dangerous Silica Dust

Can a good Vacuum Save Your Life?

New OSHA Rule for Containing Dangerous Silica Dust

It starts with shortness of breath after exercising and a harsh, dry cough. As it progresses, you may have more trouble breathing and may even cough up blood. It can lead to congestive heart failure, giving your nails a bluish tint. In advanced stages, it shows itself as chest pain, hoarseness, and loss of appetite.

Silicosis is a serious respiratory disease and serious risk for many in the construction and industrial occupations. Sometimes referred to as Stone Mason’s Disease due to its prevalence for centuries among those who built the great cathedrals of Europe, silicosis is caused by prolonged exposure to silica dust, a common component in concrete, stone, ceramics, and other industrial materials. Silica is one of the most common minerals on earth and products containing it are the core of modern industry.

Dust Buddie XP for Dust Free Grinding


While visible dust is an indicator of this dangerous mineral, it is the microscopic dust you cannot see that leads to silicosis. Our body is well adapted at filtering out the larger particles, but not the submicron silicosis-causing dust. This is why dust control on the jobsite is so vital.


Silicosis occurs when we breathe the microscopic dust our respiratory system cannot filter out. This “respirable dust” migrates into our lungs and causes inflammation and scarring in the small air sacs where the blood absorbs oxygen. This inflammation not only reduces lung capacity, causing shortness of breath, but can also lead to tuberculosis and cancer.


New OSHA Rule for Containing Dangerous Silica Dust

To protect exposed workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted a new Silica Rule in 2016. This rule sets the “permissible exposure levels” (PEL) for silica exposure on the jobsite at no more than 50 micrograms per square meter of air in an 8-hour time weighted average (TWA). However, the employer must take action when levels exceed 25 micrograms. By comparison, a honey bee’s brain weighs 1000 micrograms.

OSHA’s new Silica Rule mandates a dust collection system with a filter cleaning mechanism and which is able to capture 99% of the dust. Furthermore, a HEPA rated vacuum (99.97% efficiency at capturing particles greater than .3 microns) is required for dry cleanup work.

For construction, OSHA has provided a two-track system of compliance. The first and most simple is Table 1. This table lists the most common construction-related tasks where silica exposure is most likely to occur and gives the method and personal protective measure levels required to meet the PEL. If you use the designated method, no further action is required. Dustless makes a line of dust collection shrouds for grinders and drills that meet this simpler, Table 1 requirement when used with a vacuum designed to contain the collected dust.

Dustless HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum for Silica Dust

Dustless Technologies manufactures an entire line of vacuums that meet this requirement, from the 80 CFM, 2.5 gallon HEPA Backpack Vacuum to the Wet/Dry DustlessVac and HEPA Wet/Dry DustlessVac, to the 300 and 600 CFM Dust Droid (also with HEPA filtration). When water dust suppression is required by Table 1, the Slurry Vac and Wet/Dry and HEPA Vacs are ideal to clean up the resulting slurry.

While the $12,470 fine for each serious offense is enough to get the attention of any contractor, the health, safety and productivity of you and your team can have an even bigger impact on your business in the long run.

Visit or contact one of our customer service representatives at (800) 568-3949 to learn more about OSHA’s Silica Rule and how we can help you achieve a truly Dustless and OSHA-compliant workplace.


Use our new Interactive OSHA Silica Rule Compliance Tool to quickly find the most cost-effective way to comply using our vacuums and universal-fit shrouds.

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Gerstman and Associates – New Manufacturers’ Representative

Dustless Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerstman and Associates as the exclusive manufacturers representative in the NE states, covering NY, VT, ME, NH, MA, CT, RI, Metro NY and Northern NJ. Gerstman will handle the full line of Dustless products including professional grade dust extractors, Wet+Dry HEPA vacuums, sanders and dust shrouds for cutting, grinding, drilling and sanding applications.

Bill Vain, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “We’re excited about having Gerstman on board. They bring 30 years of experience working with construction equipment dealers, and have a sterling track record of delivering outstanding service to their customers. With pending OSHA Silica Guidelines looming large, the demand for dust control systems is growing rapidly, and the extra resources Gerstman brings to bear, will help us stay abreast of our customers’ needs.”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any one of our exceptional sales team at 435 637 5885. Harvey Gerstman Associates can be reached at 516 594 4400

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Hayden and Associates – New Manufacturers Representative

Dustless Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Hayden and Associates as our new manufacturers representative in the Mid-Atlantic States. Hayden and Associates brings a level of experience and professionalism to our partners and customers which will be influential in executing market share development in the region. For more information please contact Dustless Technologies at 435-637-5885. Hayden and Associates can be reached at 610-356-8364.

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Sharper Edge Sales Supporting Home Depot

Price, UT

Dustless Technologies is pleased to announce the appointment of Sharper Edge Sales as our new representation supporting Home Depot. Sharper Edge Sales will be working closely with our management team to support our line within Home Depot. At current Dustless Technologies has several product offerings available through a limited number of Home Depot locations. These products include a 3 in 1 HEPA Vacuum, 5” and 7” Dust Shrouds and our micro pre-filter Wunderbag. Dustless Technologies looks forward to the addition of our new partner and supporting the future development of the Home Depot relationship.

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Cleaning Ash Vacuum Inner & Outer Filters

The AshVac Filter Package (Part #2F22) comes with an inner and outer filter and fits our MU305, MU405 and A0500 ash vacuums. Here is some important information concerning the maintenance of these filters.

The outer filter CANNOT be washed — it is made of fiberglass and treated with a chemical.

1. Use an “air compressor” and a blower nozzle to clean
2. Use an external vacuum to pull the ash off the filter.

The inner filter CAN be washed with soap and water … please make certain it is completely dry before using.

For more information on the AshVac Filter Package, click HERE.

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Ash Vac Burn Test

We received an email from one of our AshVac dealers explaining how he shows his customers that the Love-Less Ash Vac won’t catch fire. Although we don’t recommend trying this yourself, we just had to share it. Here is what he said.


“I tell my customers that the Ash Vac won’t catch fire, so one day, I had a customer sitting in my shop, I grabbed a Vac. He asked me what I was doing? I told him , “I tell everyone these won’t catch fire, so I’m going to suck the fire out of this stove.” He thought I was crazy, but had to see for myself. I opened the pellet stove & started sucking out the BURNING PELLETS. The hose got so hot, I dropped it on the floor. I took the cover off the Vac, & noticed the outside filter had some charring & a few red embers. The filter DIDN’T catch fire! I have the filter on display & tell this to everyone that burns PELLETS.It has helped me make sales. Thanks for such a great product to offer my customers.”


Remember, our ash vacuums are designed to remove warm-to-cold ash ONLY, but a demonstration like this shows how sturdy they really are.


If you’d like more information on our line of AshVacs, please check out our AshVac page HERE.

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Wet+Dry Vacuum Lid Clip Failure

Recently, it has come to our attention that the clips (part # 12551) that hold down the lids to our wet/dry vacuums are failing in some cases.

We have recently redesigned the lids to offer an improved opportunity to secure the clips. In the event you break the clips during installation, we will replace them at no charge. We apologize for any and all inconveniences this has caused. Please contact us via phone or through our contact page, if you have experienced this issue. For contact information, look in the Support->Contact Us menu.

Here is a link to instructions for placing the clips on our vacuum lids:

Clip Placement Instructions

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DiscBuddie Customer Feedback

We just received this feedback from a customer who purchased a DiscBuddie dust shroud (part # D1000) for handheld tools. We thought we should share it. Looks like the DiscBuddie is making his work a lot easier.


This is a -WONDERFUL- piece of equipment.

I’m taking a barrier coat off of a 30ft sailboat in FL and, if it weren’t for this shroud, I would have to walk around and clean about a dozen boats at the end of each day. The shroud makes me happy, the yard happy, and all the other boat owners! I’ve only used it for a few hours so far, but the dust collection is superb and makes the job a lot cleaner/easier. Thanks. I told the yard to buy 5 of them and rent them out, don’t know if they’ll follow through or not 🙂


If you’re interested in finding out more, please check out our DiscBuddie page HERE.

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Dustcontrol Dust Extractor Workshop – You’re Invited

Join us at our workshop for the new Dustcontrol product line!! Mark your calendar for May 21st at our Temecula facility.
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