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Pellet Stove Vacuums: Keep the Fire in the Stove

When we introduced our first ash vacuum 30 years ago, we prioritized convenience, effectiveness, and safety. Today we are still producing the safest and most reliable fireplace and pellet stove vacuum on the market.  The Cougar, with its industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, is universally rated one of the best ash vacuums you can buy.

Today, wood burning fireplaces and stoves aren’t as common as they once were. Pellet and other high-efficiency stoves are taking the place of those less efficient sources of heat and ambiance.  These produce much finer ash than vintage fireplaces.  As a result, more people are turning to quality ash vacuums to clean this light, hard-to-collect ash. There are many cheap options on the market today. However, with potentially hot ash and unburned pellets, the safety of your home and your loved ones should be the top priority. read more

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Keep the Home Fires Burning Where They Should Be – Love-Less Ash Vacs and Fireplace Safety

Lady warm and relaxed by the fireplace.Tis the season! As the temperatures drop and your friendly neighborhood stores start filling their shelves with toys and gigantic blow-up snow globes, there is nothing like sitting in front of a cheery fire on a cold winter evening, snuggled in your favorite blanket, cradling a steaming mug of your favorite hot drink as your car-sized snow globe hums peacefully in the front yard. However, few of us envy the job of cleaning the fireplace the next morning.

Fireplaces and wood stoves are making a comeback, especially with the development of the modern high-efficiency pellet and wood burning stoves. These high-tech stoves use convection and forced air to ensure more efficient burning, resulting in less ash and soot. The problem is that what ash is left is very fine and will readily take flight as you try to scoop it out of your stove and will quickly clog or blow right through most conventional and shop vacuums. read more

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Easy Safety Reminders While Enjoying the Comfort and Ambiance of a Fireplace

Fireplaces are comforting!

Cool weather means warm times by the fireplace! By following a few simple steps, you can reduce your chance of a fire hazard from a fireplace.

With the cooler temperatures moving in, it is that time of year when one of the best comforts of the day is relaxing by a crackling, warm fireplace. The original purpose of a fireplace was for warmth and reducing heating costs, however over the years they have evolved to add overall value and design aesthetics to a home, as well as creating fun family memories. Whether using a gas or wood-burning style fireplace, there are certain pre-cautions that must be taken to avoid any serious burns or fires. read more

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Fire Prevention Tips from LoveLess Ash Company

Recent Breaking News – Connecticut Fire Kills Five Family Members – Prevention Tips

The Christmas morning fire at a Connecticut home that killed three girls and their grandparents was started by fireplace embers, according to news reports. Due to the improper removal of ember and ash from the fireplace combined with the speed of the flames caused fatality in the home. By taking a few simple steps, these accidents can be prevented.

Smoke Detectors – It has been proven that smoke detectors prevent injuries and deaths from fires. They detect the fine particles of smoke long before the fire has a chance to spread. They must be properly installed and properly maintained to provide the protection they are designed for. Smoke alarms are very inexpensive and save thousands of lives every year. Never catch yourself in a home, especially at night, without a fire alarm. read more

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