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DustBubble Debuts At NAHB IBS Show

Discover a new way to capture dust with the new DustBubble

DustBubble 3 Pack

Contractors were introduced to a new way to capture dust when using a hand drill – the DustBubble™, from Dustless Technologies. The DustBubble is a disposable round plastic pouch that adheres to the surface being drilled. As the drilling is done, the pouch fills with shavings and dust. When done, simply peel it away and dispose of it. Stick it. Drill it. Toss it. It is that easy to use.

The DustBubble comes in three specifications: one for wallpaper/painted surfaces, one for wood and unpainted surfaces, and one for metal. The chief difference is in the strength of the adhesive.

DustBubbles come in a packages of three, bulk packs of 50, and countertop merchandising displays, which contain 35 three-packs.

Painting and renovation contractors looking for ways to comply with EPA RRP guidelines, like how the DustBubble captures dust and drill shavings at the point-of-origin and contains them inside its small plastic pouch.

Contractors and handymen who are looking for a quick way to drills holes without making a mess, like how the DustBubble prevents carpet, furniture and drapes from getting covered in dust.

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