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DustBuddie Dust Shroud for Hand Grinders – Just How Sturdy is it?

We’ve always claimed that our DustBuddie Dust Shroud is nearly unbreakable, since it’s made of a tough polycarbonate material. Well, here is a short video to show you what we’re talking about. We took a Jeep, weighing a ton and a half or more, and ran over a DustBuddie. The result … DustBuddie wins!! No cracks or damage whatsoever. What’s next? Maybe try it with heavy equipment or a giant boulder? Maybe not, but you get the picture. The DustBuddie is one tough dust shroud, and it is an excellent tool for controlling and collecting dust when connected to a hand grinder and vacuum. Watch the video and see the durability of the DustBuddie.

DustBuddie Dust Shroud for Hand Grinders

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