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Dustless Technologies Spreads Awareness Lead Poisoning

Dustless Technologies is spreading awareness and prevention of lead poisoning with proper EPA RRP certified products.

Dustless Technologies, an innovative dust control solutions manufacturing company located in Price, Utah, is working to help spread awareness and prevent lead poisoning. Dustless Technologies believes education regarding lead poisoning is important. Contractors and renovators should try to use only certified tools. The Utah-based company currently manufactures a HEPA full unit certified vacuum. In conjunction with the HEPA vacuum, Dustless Technologies has several shroud accessories that meet the EPA RRP regulation while undergoing remodeling or construction on homes built pre-1978.

Lead is very dangerous and can be life threatening. Only EPA RRP certified tools, like the Dustless Technologies HEPA Vacuum, can keep you from lead contamination.

According to reports, more than 80,000,000 homes were built and painted before the 1978 ban. With this staggering statistic, it is vital everyone becomes aware of one of the most epidemic environmental hazards. Lead dust is currently the most common way children are exposed to lead. The remodeling and renovating industry, which includes the EPA’s RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) rule, has very stringent standards on contractors and manufacturers of products that work with lead.

The big advantage of the Dustless Technologies HEPA full unit certified vacuum is the Wunderbag™ Micro Pre-Filter which extends the life of the internal HEPA filter. The outer micro pre-filter is an inexpensive, disposable filter that captures a vast majority of dust before it reaches the more expensive internal HEPA filter. With the external Wunderbag filter capturing 99% of the dust, it only leaves the tiny microscopic particles for the HEPA filter to capture. This is a major cost savings for the HEPA filter since the external Wunderbag is initially filtering most of the dust.

Dustless Technologies also offers several different point-of-origin dust collection tools to comply with EPA RRP regulations covering lead paint removal. Any renovation contractor working with lead paint is required to use point-of-origin tools along with a HEPA certified vacuum. Dustless Technologies offers several point-of-origin dust shrouds and accessories to complement the HEPA full unit certified vacuum for lead paint removal.

Lead affects every organ and system in the body. For children, some of the long term health effects include: brain/nerve damage, stunted growth, kidney/liver damage and digestive issues. There are many ways that lead exposure can be prevented altogether including education and the use of proper certified tools. For more information on HEPA, EPA RRP dust control solutions, visit our web site.

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