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EPA Lead Paint Regulations – Dust Clearance Examination

Dust clean up training

Home buildingDiscuss the following instances, where a dust clearance examination (40 CFR 745.227(e)(8)) may be required or requested instead of the cleaning verification procedure:

  • HUD requires a dust clearance examination after certain kinds of jobs in target housing receiving Federal housing assistance. Ask if the property receives Federal assistance. If so, ask if a clearance examination is required.
  • In some states, a clearance examination conducted by a certified or trained person may be required by law. You should be aware of laws regarding clearance examinations and renovation work in your state and locality.
  • In some instances, the owner may request that dust wipe samples be taken to locate lead hazards and to ensure cleaning has been effective. If you follow the cleaning techniques described earlier, you should pass be able to pass clearance testing.
  • Emphasize that once you begin a clearance examination, if the clearance fails you must continue the cycle of re-cleaning, visual inspection, and dust wipe testing until the dust wipe results comply with the clearance standards governing the work.

Exterior Cleanup Requirements

  • The main point of cleaning after an exterior renovation job is not to let dust spread beyond the work area. The focus is to be specifically on the areas accessible to children. This includes bare soil, play areas, exterior porches and exterior window sills.
  • Always visually inspect beyond the work area. Collect and dispose of all paint chips, dust and debris found.

Exterior – Check the Effectiveness of Cleaning

  • Discuss why a visual inspection for checking the cleaning is necessary.
  • The visual inspection checks for visible dust and debris and includes all parts of the work area, areas not covered by the protective sheeting, and areas 2 feet outside the containment.


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