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EPA Lead Paint Regulations – Verification Procedure Exercise

Cleaning and the Cleaning Verification Procedure Training*

garbage bagPrepare this exercise in advance:

Have appropriate tools and supplies ready. Necessary tools and supplies include buckets, mops, water, detergent, a HEPA vacuum, wipes, plastic sheeting, plastic bags, tape, disposable cleaning cloths and cleaning verification cards.

  • You will need access to water.
  • Sprinkle each work area with corn starch or baby powder to simulate dust.
  • Vary the color and type of work area surfaces if possible.

When conducting the exercise:

  • Instruct participants to stay in their groups.
  • Circulate while they work to ensure they are doing the work properly.
  • Coach them as necessary to correct any incorrect behaviors.
  • Give them a 5-minute warning.
  • When the time for each skill set is up, tell them to stop. Keep to the schedule.

Note: In some training facilities, such as hotels, you may not have access to water in the training room. In such cases, instruct participants to walk through the process – practicing the order of the steps: HEPA vacuum, two bucket wash, cleaning from high to low, etc. As a demonstration of how hard it is to clean up dust, consider sprinkling corn starch or baby powder on a tabletop and experimenting with different methods for cleaning it up – broom and dust pan, HEPA vacuum, wet wipe, etc.

*These procedures were taken from a certified instructor’s resource manual. Contact Dustless Technologies with questions.

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