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EPA Lead Paint Regulations for Renovation Contractors

Become certified to work on renovations involving lead paint through certification class.

HEPA Wet/Dry VacuumEffective April 1, 2010, the EPA is mandating that renovation contractors get certified to qualify for renovation work on buildings that have lead paint in them. To get certified, renovation contractors have to attend a certification class and be trained in using specific types of equipment and accessories. The EPA mandates the use of point-of-origin dust shrouds on hand grinders like the Dustless Dustie™ Dust Shroud and the DustBuddie™ Dust Shroud. The EPA also mandates the use of a HEPA vacuum, and there is confusion in the market place regarding what qualifies as a HEPA vacuum under the EPA guidelines. Contractors should be careful to use a certified HEPA vacuum. The Dustless HEPA Vacuum uses a certified HEPA filter, whereas the HEPA filters that retrofit into standard shop vacuums are not certified, and may result in the contractor getting hefty fines – some reported as high as $21,000.

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