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EPA Lead Paint Regulations – Interior Cleaning Requirements

Prevent accidental spreading of lead-contaminated paint chips and debris with these requirements.

Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry VacuumWhy should you pick up paint chips and other debris before picking up the protective sheeting? Why should you mist down and wet wipe the protective sheeting before picking it up? Answer to both questions: To prevent accidental spreading of lead-contaminated paint chips and dust off of the protective sheeting.

  • After the first visual inspection of the work area, cleaning, folding and disposing of the protective sheeting is the next step. Clean your protective sheeting with a HEPA vacuum and wet wipe if necessary. Once cleaned, fold (dirty side in) and seal the sheeting and dispose with the rest of your waste. When you pick up and fold the protective sheeting (dirty side in), be careful not to spread any dust that may remain on the sheeting.
  • This process is followed by HEPA vacuuming and wet mopping to clean up any dust that escaped the protective sheeting.
  • Note that the sheeting covering the entry to the work area should stay in place until after the cleaning and removal of other sheeting.
  • Workers must always clean at least 2 feet beyond the work area.
  • Cleaning from high to low is more efficient and effective because any dust or debris dislodged will fall down to the floor. Just as one would clean steps working from the top down, cleaning a work area should proceed from high to low to “push” all dust not collected down to the floor, which should be cleaned last.
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