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Fire Prevention Tips from LoveLess Ash Company

Recent Breaking News – Connecticut Fire Kills Five Family Members – Prevention Tips

The Christmas morning fire at a Connecticut home that killed three girls and their grandparents was started by fireplace embers, according to news reports. Due to the improper removal of ember and ash from the fireplace combined with the speed of the flames caused fatality in the home. By taking a few simple steps, these accidents can be prevented.

Smoke Detectors – It has been proven that smoke detectors prevent injuries and deaths from fires. They detect the fine particles of smoke long before the fire has a chance to spread. They must be properly installed and properly maintained to provide the protection they are designed for. Smoke alarms are very inexpensive and save thousands of lives every year. Never catch yourself in a home, especially at night, without a fire alarm.

Ash Vacuums from LoveLess Ash CompanyAsh Vacuum – Besides using a smoke detector, another vital product to any home with a fireplace is an ash vacuum. An ash vacuum is very useful at removing the very thing that started this particular house fire – embers. The LoveLess Ash Vacuum system is designed to remove ashes and cool to warm embers from fireplaces and wood stoves. They are not designed to remove hot ashes but can safely remove cool to warm ashes quick and in a much cleaner fashion than a shovel and bucket.

The entire LoveLess Ash Vacuum is made of fire-resistant components including a fire-proof three-gallon metal canister. This product features a fire-retardant primary filter and a secondary filter that helps keep the fine particles of ash inside the container. Another great feature is the built in agitator rod which will clean the patented dual filter system without having to open the vacuum.

Fireplaces and wood stoves are a wonderful accent to any home but there are dangers of using this type of heat. A smoke alarm and an ash vacuum are great items to compliment any fireplace or wood stove while keeping your family safe. By using the above mentioned products, you can save your life or the life of someone you love.

For more safety tips on preventing fires or to purchase an approved fire-resistant ash vacuum, visit

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