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For The Dealer: Mountain West Rep Update

As a business owner, general manager, or store employee, you understand “supply-and-demand”.  A good line of communication is imperative between your vendors, your employees, and your patrons.  When the chain of communication is disrupted, all sorts of problems pop up; however, when proper support is given to you and your business, your customers are taken care of.  That’s what a rep is for.


What Is A “Rep”?

The term ‘rep’ stands for ‘Manufacturers Representative’.  They are typically a group of people assigned by the manufacturer to provide support to dealers in a certain region.

A rep will provide training, materials, pricing, and anything else a dealer needs.  They should be a great pillar of strength for a dealer of a certain line of products.


New Rep Coverage for the Mountain West and Non-Contiguous US States

We are pleased to announce that Dustless dealers in the following states have new rep coverage:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

If you are a dealer in any of those states, your new rep group is the Dustless Internal Rep Group.  We have some dedicated employees who will be providing support to you directly, functioning as both the manufacturer and the rep.  This provides a more clear cut line of communication with states relative to our home office in Utah.


Who Will I Work With?

We have two stellar employees ready to assist you as internal reps.  They do their best to reach out to all of our dealers in the aforementioned states; however, you can contact them directly with any questions.

Megan Marshall
(435) 636-2003

Jeff Barlow
(435) 636-2018


















This Change Affects Both Love-Less Ash and Dustless Customers

We have two main brands – Love-Less Ash and Dustless Technologies – which our dealers carry.  No matter whether you carry one or both of our brands, you will work with this new internal manufacturers representative group.


Call Us With Questions

Remember, communication is key.  If you need more support or if you work in another state and want to know who your rep is, please call us anytime at (435) 637-5885 and ask for our sales team!  To apply to become a new Love-Less Ash or Dustless dealer, please click here.

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