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NEW DustBubble™ – Keeping your renovation projects dust free!

The new DustBubble™ is a great addition to any home improvement project.

DustBubble for Drywall“Stick it – Drill it – Toss it” is the terminology contractors, DIYer’s and renovation experts have used to describe one of the greatest new home improvement products on the market! Have you ever wanted to do some remodeling but without all the dusty mess that typically comes along with drilling holes? Now you can easily do so – mess free – with the DustBubble’s advanced technology.

DustBubble’s collect virtually all the dust while you’re drilling in sheet rock, metal, tiles, wood, plaster, or untreated surfaces. The product is simple to use, disposable, and ultimately a clever way to keep things clean while you’re drilling. The product is transparent so you can easily spot where you need to drill. There is adhesive on the back that sticks to the wall, drill in the center of the DustBubble and it will catch all of your shavings. Simply remove the DustBubble from the wall and discard it. It’s that easy!

The DustBubble’s also allows you to drill hands free. It gives flexibility so you can drill straight on or at an angle. The health & safety benefits are undeniably abundant as it reduces clean up time and there is virtually no airborne dust.


DustBubble™ is a product of Dustless Technologies. As the leader of dust control in the construction industry, Dustless Technologies is excited to come out with a disposable product to go along with their line of vacuums and dust control accessories for power tools. For more information about our company visit us online at our web site,

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