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Rethinking Construction – HEPA Backpack Vacuum

Dustless Backpack VacuumMost people don’t think backpack vacuum when they think about ways to improve their construction company. Instead they look for things like faster job completion, better clean-up, and improved employee retention. Whereas a backpack vacuum might not be your first thought in construction, if it’s not, it should be. There’s a new standard in the construction industry and a backpack vacuum is one tool you can’t overlook if you want to improve your company’s bottom line.

Leveraging Technology for Your Business

From smartphones to smart cars, technology is changing the way we do just about everything.  We’ve had to rethink the way we interact with our peers, process information, travel, buy and sell goods, and now it’s time to rethink the way we do construction.  As a contractor or subcontractor, things have changed. The industry isn’t what it used to be. The good news is there is more opportunity than ever before. But the down side is that those who fail to see the need to rethink their approach will cease to exist as a viable company. Successful companies use technology to grow and thrive. This seems evident in high tech industries, but is just as important and relevant for the construction industry. The main difference is the technology is not simply a software solution. To grow and thrive in the construction industry you need to constantly search for better methods and the tools to get you there.

Why a HEPA Backpack Vacuum Should Be In Your Toolbox

Every construction job site creates dust, and if you’re still having your employees use a push broom with a dust mask, you’re almost guaranteed to be missing bids, losing talented employees, and wasting time. Even a standard shop vac blowing dust out the back without HEPA filtration is a low standard for competitive contractors.  No one wants to work for a company that is lagging behind. The benefits of switching to a HEPA Backpack Vacuum are the new high standard to stay relevant and competitive.

  • Remediation – Hands down, there isn’t a better tool for remediation projects. A backpack vacuum with HEPA filtration will keep you safe, and allow you to get where you need to be to clean up the right way.
  • Portability – Especially for those quick jobs that take longer to clean up than to complete. Backpack vacuums are portable, lightweight and go with you where you need them to be on the job site.
  • Health and Compliance – OSHA wants you and your employees to stay healthy and safe. If you don’t comply there can be hefty fines for you and your business. But more important, your employees want to work where they are valued. Taking the time to take care of your employees translates into productive, happy, effective employees.Backpack Vacuum with BitBuddie
  • Saves You Money – It doesn’t take much dust to require a lot of time and money to clean up. Excessive dust is expensive. For a complete solution try using the BitBuddie by Dustless Technologies.
  • Gives You a Competitive Edge – Your customers have lots of options to choose from. The difference between you winning or losing the bid can come down to the smallest of details. Why not help yourself by already having your dust collection system in place.

Proactive vs Reactive

There is no question that contractors will continue to have to rethink the way they work construction. As technology continues to evolve and change our entire perspective, successful companies will have to continually stay on top of changes and improve performance. The question therefore isn’t whether or not to start rethinking the way your company does construction, rather are you leading or lagging in your industry?  It’s time to embrace a proactive strategy.

Introducing the Redesigned 2.5 Gal HEPA BackPack Vacuum from Dustless Technologies.Backpack Vacuum Sales Flyer

  • Captures more than 99.9% of dust
  • 4-layer HEPA filter system
  • Includes closable filter bags that seal hazardous dust inside for safe disposal
  • OSHA-compliant filter cleaning mechanism cleans filters without opening the unit
  • Meets OSHA Silica Rule requirements for lead paint and silica containment

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