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Dustcontrol Dust Extractor Workshop – You’re Invited

Join us at our workshop for the new Dustcontrol product line!! Mark your calendar for May 21st at our Temecula facility.
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Spring is Home Project Time

Spring is here, and many people are getting those home projects going again. Make sure you maintain a dust-free and healthy work environment. Browse our line of Wet+Dry and HEPA Vacuums, dust shrouds for hand tools, and other dust collection equipment.

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Contractors, HEPA Vacuums and EPA RRP Requirements

If you’re a contractor and involved in repair, renovation or painting (RRP) work using HEPA vacuums, watch this video for valuable information that could save you a heavy fine from the EPA for using non-compliant equipment for dust removal.

The Dustless Wet+Dry HEPA Vacuum is certified to meet or exceed EPA requirements of 99.97% minimum filtration efficiency of particles 0.3 microns in size.

After you watch the video, take a closer look at the Dustless Wet+Dry HEPA Vacuum on our website at:

Dustless Wet+Dry HEPA Vacuum (Part #16006)

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Dustless Featured in Home Improvement Executive Magazine

Dustless Technologies was featured recently in Home Improvement Executive magazine. The article was titled “Innovations in: Dust Collection Systems.”

This article discusses dust control offerings from several companies, including Dustless, and mentions our new Dustcontrol line about to be introduced in the USA. This line of mobile dust extractors is generally used in industrial or construction environments and provides regulation-compliant HEPA dust control. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the release date.

To load and read the article, click on the image to the right.

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Paradise Concrete Solutions Adds Dustless Display

One of our new stocking dealers, Paradise Concrete Solutions, located in Paradise, PA, recently added a Dustless Product Display to their store. Their display consists of Dustless Vacuums and accessories and makes a great addition to any dealer inventory.

Here is what Levi, from Paradise Concrete Solutions says: “Paradise concrete solutions is a retail store catering to contractors installing concrete coatings. Partnering with Dustless Technologies enables us to be a one stop shop for coatings and dust collection”.

Dustless has several different product displays available, including a DustBubble Kit, Wet+Dry Kit, Wet+Dry Kit with Wheel, HEPA Kit, and a HEPA Kit with Wheel.

For more information on Dustless Product Displays, please check out our website page, located HERE

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BitBuddie Captures Dust & Slurry When Drilling

The BitBuddie dust shroud for drilling is able to capture dust and slurry created when DIYers or contractors are core drilling, using a percussion hammer or just cutting with a drywall saw. When attached to a Dustless vacuum, the suction is enough to keep the BitBuddie attached to a wall or ceiling hands-free, enabling the user to concentrate on the job at hand.

Let’s face it, a dust-free work environment not only makes the job easier, it is also better for your health. Watch the BitBuddie in this demo video, and see how easy it is to use.

For more information on the BitBuddie Dust Shroud for Drilling, click a link below:

BitBuddie for 1″ to 4″ diameter tools

BitBuddie for 4″ to 8″ diameter tools

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Customer Q&A: Wet Dry HEPA Vacuum Barrel Base Punctured

Here is a sample from one of our “Ask a Question” submissions.  Quite often, a quick DIY fix can solve a simple problem.

Question: While setting up my #16006 Wet+Dry HEPA Vacuum, I put the wrong foot on the barrel base and punctured it with the screw. Can I fill the hole from underneath with 2-part epoxy?

Answer: Good morning. Yes, I see no challenges with that small repair. If it’s water tight , you should be fine.

If you have a question about product assembly or proper usage, or anything else related to our products and services,  submit our Ask a Question form, and we’ll give you an answer ASAP.


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DustBuddie Dust Shroud for Hand Grinders – Just How Sturdy is it?

We’ve always claimed that our DustBuddie Dust Shroud is nearly unbreakable, since it’s made of a tough polycarbonate material. Well, here is a short video to show you what we’re talking about. We took a Jeep, weighing a ton and a half or more, and ran over a DustBuddie. The result … DustBuddie wins!! No cracks or damage whatsoever. What’s next? Maybe try it with heavy equipment or a giant boulder? Maybe not, but you get the picture. The DustBuddie is one tough dust shroud, and it is an excellent tool for controlling and collecting dust when connected to a hand grinder and vacuum. Watch the video and see the durability of the DustBuddie.

DustBuddie Dust Shroud for Hand Grinders

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Dustless Sander – Great Tool for Dust-Free Wall and Floor Sanding

Wall or floor sanding always creates a huge mess … dust and debris all over the floor and in the air. Makes for an unhealthy work environment. The Dustless Sander (Part # 50001), powered by your vacuum or by one of our vacuums, the Wet+Dry DustlessVac (Part # 16003), for example, is the ideal tool for maintaining an almost dust-free workplace. It can extend to 7 feet which lets you access difficult spots and can also be used as a hand sander, if necessary. Find out more about the Dustless Sander and Wet+Dry DustlessVac by clicking the links, and watch the video to see the sander in action.

Dustless Sander        Wet+Dry DustlessVac

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Check Out Our New Website

We’ve been working hard to re-design our website, and it just went live on March 1, 2014. Stop by and take a look at We’ll continue to make improvements to better serve our customers’ needs.

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