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Easy Safety Reminders While Enjoying the Comfort and Ambiance of a Fireplace

Fireplaces are comforting!

Cool weather means warm times by the fireplace! By following a few simple steps, you can reduce your chance of a fire hazard from a fireplace.

With the cooler temperatures moving in, it is that time of year when one of the best comforts of the day is relaxing by a crackling, warm fireplace. The original purpose of a fireplace was for warmth and reducing heating costs, however over the years they have evolved to add overall value and design aesthetics to a home, as well as creating fun family memories. Whether using a gas or wood-burning style fireplace, there are certain pre-cautions that must be taken to avoid any serious burns or fires.

According to the US Fire Administration, 36% of home fires every year are caused by heating fires. A majority of the fires are caused by creosote buildup in the chimney, which can be prevented with proper care and maintenance. Here are a few simple tips to remember the next time you light the fireplace.

  • Smoke Alarm – Proper smoke alarms should be a fundamental part of each room in every home. Smoke alarms should be tested a couple times a year to make sure it is in proper working condition. First Alert makes two models for smoke alarms, with easy wall or ceiling access for replacing the battery. Their products are available at most retail locations across the globe. Click here for more info:
  • Cleaning/Maintenance – Proper cleaning procedures must be followed to reduce the chance of creosote buildup. Depending on fireplace usage, it is important to clean the ashes out regularly. NEVER use a household vacuum or shop vacuum to clean out your fireplace. The only company that allows you to remove both warm and cold ash is Love-Less Ash Company. Their American-made and designed ash vacuums make the job faster and much cleaner than traditional ash vacuums. For more information visit
  • Glass Door Caution – Many fireplaces have glass doors with mesh screens protecting from the logs rolling and hot embers that could come from the fireplace. These glass doors can get hot very quickly. It’s a good idea to leave the mesh screen closed, and open the glass doors while burning a fire. This will aid in reducing the heat level of the glass doors, while protecting from the hot embers. It is especially important to make sure children and the elderly do not get close to a fireplace. A company that makes high quality glass door and mesh sparks is Stoll Fireplace. For more information visit
  • Chimney Inspection – It is important to annually have your chimney inspected by a certified professional. These specialists know what to look for to prevent danger, so it is important to use someone officially certified. One of the main organizations is the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). To find a CSIA certified professional in your area, go to their website here

No one wants to come home to a house fire due to improper care and maintenance of a fireplace. By using these simple reminders, you can safely rest easy in your armchair by the fireplace.

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Avoid the Hefty EPA Fines by Using Compliant Products & Procedures

Become EPA certified today!

By using compliant products and procedures, you can reduce your chance of being tacked with a fine from the EPA.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (EPA RRP) has been in full-force, by penalizing contractors that are not using the proper products and processes required for renovation work. With millions of homes across the country aging, renovation contractors are called on to do projects that require work with lead paint. As a section of the rule states, if a contractor works on any home built pre-1978, you must be trained, certified, and using lead-safe work practices. The fines for not complying with the guidelines can be as high as $37,500 per incident, per day. With this rule in place, many contractors have already contacted the leader in dust control solutions, Dustless Technologies, to get their hands on the full line of certified HEPA vacuums, tools and accessories to help them comply with the regulations when doing renovation, repair and painting.

Recently, 16 contracting companies coast-to-coast were levied a fine by the EPA for violating the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. These companies were fined for using non-compliant products, and not being approved to work with lead. Being non-compliant can cause harm to the environment as well as human health. Lead exposure can cause a spectrum of health issues effecting every organ and system in the body. For children, some of the long term health effects can include brain, nerve damage, and digestive issues. The EPA RRP rule is working to make sure all contractors and companies are following protocol on working with lead to prevent these types of health problems.

Dustless Technologies has a range of products from vacuums to point-of-origin dust collection accessories for grinding, painting, sawing, or sanding. Being a market leader in some of the technology of the products, Dustless Technologies continually strives to stay ahead of the needs of the market. One advantage to the full unit certified HEPA wet/dry vacuum is the Wunderbag™ micro pre-filter that extends the life of the internal HEPA filter. The outer micro pre-filter is an inexpensive, disposable filter that captures a vast majority of dust before it reaches the more expensive internal HEPA filter. With the external Wunderbag™ filter capturing 99% of the dust; it only leaves the tiny microscopic particles for the HEPA filter. This is a major cost savings for the HEPA filter since the external Wunderbag™ is filtering most of the dust first.

Contractors must go through proper training to become certified for working with lead, and use products that meet and exceed government standards. This way you can easily avoid all the fines from the EPA. For more information on training programs, and how to become certified, click here.

Renovate right with Dustless Technologies! For more information on the full report of the companies that have been fined by the EPA, click here. For more information on Dustless Technologies, click here.

Remodeling Show News: Free Product Offers!

Remodeling Show - Booth#5129

Sherwin-Williams and 3M team up with Dustless Technologies to offer free product for the Remodeling Show!

Renovation professionals have their eyes set on seeing lots of new and innovative products, hearing about new construction education, as well as networking with other professionals from the annual Remodeling Show located in downtown Baltimore. With several hundred manufacturer’s exhibiting and showcasing new products and ideas, many remodeling professionals are in for a treat. Besides all the exhibits, there will be a lot of installation clinics, interactive workshops, and several product presentations.

Some recent big news – Sherwin Williams and 3M have partnered with Dustless Technologies for this nationally-known Remodeling trade show. There will be many product demonstrations and FREE product to be given away, so be sure and stop by booth#5129 and see the team!

DustBubble for Drywall

DustBubbles - capture dust while drilling!

Dustless Technologies is well known for their wet/dry and HEPA vacuums that help achieve a project with no dust! Dustless Technologies also offers accessories to go with products such as grinders and drills to contain dust. A new item from Dustless Technologies is the DustBubble – which attaches to most hand drills and as the saying goes, simply “Stick It – Drill It – Toss It!” Stop by the booth for a FREE DustBubble! For more information on the DustBubble, click here.

3M Lead Check Test Kit

3M has joined the group and is giving away a FREE lead test kit valued at $30.  This kit contains 8 swabs for testing 8 different areas. It is a self-contained unit that provides fast, easy to use test results for any surface which may contain lead. The kit is based on re-activity of lead with certain compounds capable of forming strongly-colored complexes with lead. When used in an area, a pink color will form within 30 seconds when lead is present. For more information on 3M and the Lead Test Kit, click here.


The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the largest producers in the world. Offering many different color combinations, Sherwin-Williams has been creating professional and do-it-yourself tools for color styling for more than a century. Stop by and see the Sherwin-Williams reps for color and painting suggestions and tips.

If you are visiting the Remodeling Show, be sure and check out booth#5129, and get your hands on some hot items that are FREE for the show only! For more information on the Remodeling Show in Baltimore, Maryland, visit the official show website here.

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Congrats to our “Facebook 100” contest winner – Mike Fagan!

Our “Facebook 100″ drawing is complete.

The winner is Mike Fagan of Nashville, Tennessee! Congrats to Mike on winning a Dustless Technologies DustBuddie® Dust Shroud for hand grinders. The more “likes” we get on our Facebook page, the more free product that will be given away! We will be doing other free product promotions soon so stay tuned!

This product is a favorite for do-it-yourself customers as well as contractors because it captures 99% of airborne dust and eliminates cleanup by capturing dust before it gets into the environment. The DustBuddie® Dust Shroud is also a point-of-origin dust collection tool that complies with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal.

For more information on the DustBuddie® and other dust collection products from Dustless Technologies, visit their website by clicking here.

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“Like” our Facebook page to win FREE product!

Just “Like” Our Page For a Chance to Win

You read it right! All you have to do is “like” our Facebook page for a chance at winning free product! We will be giving away a DustBuddie® Dust Shroud for hand grinders once we reach 100 fans on our page. After we reach 100 fans, we will be doing a lot more promotions for more free product!

The DustBuddie® Dust Shroud is a great product for hand grinders by capturing 99% of airborne dust. It is a product that all professional’s use for the best dust control possible while using a hand grinder. It protects and eliminates cleanup by capturing the dust before it is in the environment. The DustBuddie is also a point-of-origin dust collection tool that complies with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal. It is a product that any hardware enthusiast will enjoy using! Go “like” the Dustless Technologies page by clicking here to have your chance at winning the product!

For more information on the DustBuddie and other dust collection products from Dustless Technologies, visit their website by clicking here.

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DustBubble™ included on the DIY Network

DustBubble™ included on the DIY Network with Tool Expert, Chris Grundy in “Cool Tools.”

Chris Grundy is a tool expert from many perspectives. He currently is the host of a show called Cool Tools that showcases hot new products for any do-it-yourselfer! He recently traveled to the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Florida and found some really awesome and innovative products that make a big difference in saving time and money in home improvement projects. He gives insight on some of the latest and greatest tools within the industry.

DustBubble 3 Pack by Dustless TechnologiesOne of his favorite’s is the all-new DustBubble™ offered from the top manufacturer of dust collection products, Dustless Technologies. The DustBubble is a great new way to capture dust while drilling holes in sheetrock, plaster, tile or wood to mention a few. The DustBubble  uses a combination of adhesion to the wall and the action of the drill itself to catch virtually all the dust when you drill. They make drilling jobs easier – leaving both hands free while you drill and saves you the clean up afterwards. When you’ve finished drilling, you simply remove the DustBubble™ from the wall and discard it along with all the dust. It REALLY is that simple!

There are three types available for different surface applications. Regular strength for wallpaper and sheetrock walls, x-tra strength for wood, plaster, and untreated surfaces, and industrial strength for metal and industrial applications. For roughly $1 each, you can buy them in packs of 3, or in a bulk 35-pack. For more information on the product, and the types available, click here.

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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide From Lead

You can run, but you can’t hide from lead! Massachusetts Attorney General Settles with Landlords.

As the saying goes, “you can run but you can’t hide’ is very true, especially when it comes to lead-based paints. According to reports from, the Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley announced settlements on Friday with multiple landlords to resolve allegations that they refused to rent to families with children.

Celina Puszko, Alojzy Jackiewicz, Gregory Howell and Scott Michels allegedly refused to rent to families with children to avoid obligations to remove lead paint hazards. It is illegal under Massachusetts state law to discriminate against housing applicants because they have children or because the rental would force the landlord to remove lead hazards.

“The commonwealth’s lead paint law protects children from the damaging effects of lead, which include impaired development, learning difficulties, and behavior problems,” Coakley said. “By enforcing this law our office works to ensure that families with children are able to find lead-safe housing within the commonwealth.”

To review the full disclosure of the case, visit the Legal News Line website here.

Dustless Technologies manufactures several products that work well for protecting workers from lead exposure. When the EPA RRP guidelines went into affect, Dustless was already prepared with products to make the job safe. Whether you are grinding, sawing, painting or sanding, we have an array of tools, accessories and vacuums to make the job clean, easy, fast and safe. For more information on Dustless Technologies line of products, click here.

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WAKE-UP CALL: Rental Property Owner Sent to Prison

WAKE-UP CALL: Improper Lead Paint Abatement Sends Recent Rental Property Owner to Prison

The EPA has begun taking serious measures towards those not following EPA RRP guidelines. A Baltimore, MD based rental property owner ignored the guidelines and is now facing prison time.

According to the report, C. Murrell owned and managed approximately 175 rental housing units throughout Baltimore area, all built pre-1978. He knew of lead presence in the rental units and chose to not disclose to the tenants that there was a presence of lead.

Lead paint removal with Dustless products“C. Murrell placed Baltimore children at risk of permanent injuries by violating federal law and ignoring repeated orders to comply with lead paint regulations,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “It is unacceptable in 2012 for pregnant women and children to be exposed to lead paint in violation of the law.”

The local newspaper, The Baltimore Sun, reported that “The judge said he trimmed Murrell’s prison sentence in recognition of his age and the testimonials about his good deeds. But Legg said prison time was warranted in light of the seriousness of lead poisoning and as a deterrent to other non-compliant landlords. The judge also ordered Murrell to get out of the rental housing business “in an orderly fashion.”

According to the EPA official from the report, “Americans need accurate and truthful information in order to make informed decisions about where they will live,” said David G. McLeod Jr., special agent in charge of EPA’s criminal enforcement program in Maryland.

Lead can adversely affect people in many different ways, causing life changing illnesses and even death. If not dealt with properly, homeowners, children, contractors, and even the neighbors can be affected by lead dust during a renovation project.

Lead dust is a serious concern during construction renovation projects. Since the passage of EPA RRP regulations in 2010, renovation contractors have to get certified to perform work on homes built prior to 1978, and use approved methods and equipment. Fines for non-compliance can be as high as $37,500, and now jail time looms for those who choose to ignore the law.

For more information about dust collection systems that meet EPA RRP guidelines, or to read additional articles on lead, click here.

To view the full court ordered judgment from the Baltimore city US attorney for Mr. C. Murrell, click here.

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“Tools of the Trade” Publishes Dustless Technologies Video

“Tools of the Trade” will be publishing a video of the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum on their web site.

HEPA Wet/Dry VacuumAfter recent exposure from the National Hardware Show, Tools of the Trade came by and video taped Darren with the Dustless Technologies’ HEPA Full Unit Certified Wet/Dry Vacuum. He showcased the products and explained the benefits to this system versus a traditional HEPA vacuum. One of the main features is the WunderBag technology – a micro-prefilter protects the primary HEPA filter. This reduces cost and saves the contractor money on the job since you don’t have to change the HEPA filter as often as other systems.

Another nice feature of the unit is it is “full unit certified.” Many units on the market are HEPA approved because of the filter, but they are not full unit certified. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that the entire unit is fully certified. Check out the video below to learn more about the benefits of owning a Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum. The unit also allows you to switch immediately from dry to wet without damaging any filters. Even Tools of the Trade will agree, it’s a great choice for anyone concerned with dust containment.

For more information about the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum, visit the HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum page on the web site.

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Remodeling Magazine Features the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Remodeling Magazine, featuring the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Dustless Technologies HEPA Vacuum Featured in Remodeling Magazine as a Greed Product.

Hanley Wood has been rated as the #1 media company covering the construction industry. Recently in the May 2012 issue, Remodeling Magazine included an article about the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum as a green product. This magazine group has been around for almost forty years and the editors and staff cover wall-to-wall topics and offer in depth knowledge of the construction and hardware industry.

The Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum is an extraordinary fit for any construction guru, especially those that perform EPA RRP work and require a full unit certified vacuum. The most intriguing thing about the product is the WunderBag™ Micro Pre-filter that extends the life of the expensive primary HEPA filter. There is a protective wall/baffle inside the canister that protects the internal HEPA filter from getting wet. The vacuum is able to go directly from dry to wet operation without harming or changing any filters. There is no dust that goes airborne when using the vacuum because it is designed to be air tight.

For more information on the Dustless Technologies HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum, visit the HEPA Vacuum page on their web site. For more information on the Handly Wood Remodeling Magazine, click here.

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