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Pellet Stove Vacuums: Keep the Fire in the Stove

When we introduced our first ash vacuum 30 years ago, we prioritized convenience, effectiveness, and safety. Today we are still producing the safest and most reliable fireplace and pellet stove vacuum on the market.  The Cougar, with its industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, is universally rated one of the best ash vacuums you can buy.

Today, wood burning fireplaces and stoves aren’t as common as they once were. Pellet and other high-efficiency stoves are taking the place of those less efficient sources of heat and ambiance.  These produce much finer ash than vintage fireplaces.  As a result, more people are turning to quality ash vacuums to clean this light, hard-to-collect ash. There are many cheap options on the market today. However, with potentially hot ash and unburned pellets, the safety of your home and your loved ones should be the top priority.

Why Use a Pellet Stove Vacuum?

Safety: Household and shop vacuums cannot handle unburned or still smoldering pellets.  These can catch not just your vacuum but your home on fire.  We design Love-Less Ash fireplace, grill, and pellet stove vacuums for warm to cool ash (below 120F).  However, we also build them to handle any stray hot coal or ember without catching fire. Don’t try this with just any vac!

Filtration: Ash, especially that produced in modern high-efficiency stoves and grills is very fine and light.  This will pass directly through most household and shop vacuum filters, which aren’t made to contain these fine particles. Whatever makes it through your filter ends up back in the air.  Make sure the ash stays where it should be – in the vacuum.

Convenience: We design all our vacuums with a filter cleaning mechanism, which cleans the filters without opening the vacuum.  Cheaper vacuums can’t say this.  As fine ash quickly builds on the filters, suction drops, requiring you to remove the filter and clean it, wasting precious time.  A quick shake of our filter cleaning rod knocks the ash off the filter, letting you get right back to work.

Effectiveness: Pellet stoves have a lot of small spaces, from the burn cup to the air ducting.  Getting into the nooks and crannies requires a good vacuum with specialized tools – our included tool kit is made to get into wherever fine ash accumulates.

Versatility: Our ash vacuums are not just for your indoor fireplace or stove, they are especially useful with modern gas and charcoal barbecue grills, pellet grills, smokers, pizza ovens, fire pits, and komodo-type grills.  All of these produce lots of fine ash and are full of tiny nooks and crannies where ash collects.  Our powerful vacuums and industry-leading tool kit provides everything you need to keep your grill ready for the next party.  Add after-market accessories such as our wire grill brush and you’re always ready for your next outdoor get-together.

Enjoy the Ambiance While Avoiding the Mess

A Love-Less Ash vacuum will help you safely enjoy your fireplace, stoves, smokers, and grills with less fuss.  We have been making life easier for homeowners with our fireplace and pellet stove vacuums for over three decades.  Reliable, durable, and built to last, our Cougar Ash Vac is the last ash vacuum you will ever have to buy!

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