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The Only HEPA Vacuum That Is Wet+Dry

A Wet Basement Renovation

“There’s water in the downstairs!”, a lifeguard yelled as he ran up the wet stairs from the pool basement.


A gasket was leaking and the basement sump pump was out.  Before extensive flooding occurred, we were able to get our systems back online.


The moist basement evolved into a perfect environment for grime, moss, and mold.  As a determined manager, I rallied my lifeguards one Saturday and marched down into the depths.  We set out to scrub out the basement and restore it to its former state, armed with various detergents, chlorine, brushes, pressure washer, and an old shop vacuum.  The renovating proved to be the easy part – cleaning up was another story.  I worked with the vacuum for hours.  I removed the filter to suck up water and continually adjusted switches to be able to remove the water and debris from the basement.  My team and I spent the majority of the day cleaning.


If you are a professional renovator, you know this better than anyone.  The cleanup can be the worst part of any renovation.


Dustless Technologies hired me some time later.  Mike Loveless, the company founder, had seen a need in the market and created a hallmark innovation: a HEPA vacuum that goes between wet and dry without switching filters.

Why This Vacuum Is Different

I wasted time at the pool because of my faulty vacuum setup.  Every professional knows that lost productivity is lost money.


The Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Vacuum is a whole different type of setup.  The Concrete Decor Magazine said of it, ““The Dustless HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum gives contractors a cost-efficient way to comply with EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule lead regulations, and it boasts some important distinctions between it and other HEPA vacuums”.


So what is it with this vacuum that is different?


Go Between Wet and Dry Without Changing Filters

The patented design works this way: the water and debris come in and hit a baffle wall.  The baffle wall surrounds the filters, preventing them from being hit by water or debris.  As the tank fills up with water, a hollow float ball rises with the water level.  Once it has reached capacity, the float ball seals off the filter chamber and letting the user know the vacuum is full.  With the water and debris sealed off in the bottom chamber, the upper chamber – and filters – are dry.

Fully Certified HEPA Vacuum For Airtight Rating

The vacuum is not just a HEPA vacuum – using particle testing at a third party laboratory, our HEPA filters are certified to meet HEPA standards.  There is no question that our vacuum will filter out everything a HEPA vacuum should.


Safe For Hazardous Material

Since it is HEPA certified, the Dustless HEPA Wet+Dry Vacuum is intended to take on hazardous material.  Silica, asbestos, lead paint, and hexavalent chromium will all be captured by the filter system.


Does Not Exhaust Dust

The sealed lid, large lid clamps, and filter system combine to ensure that dust is not exhausted from the vacuum.  We understand it is vital to working with hazardous materials that particles are

Barrel Holds 40 Pounds of Debris and Water

The large, 16-gallon tank will hold an astounding 40 pounds.  Two carry handles on the sides of the barrel allow you to carry the heavy load with both hands for stability and back health.


Wrapping It Up

These are some reasons that this vacuum is vastly different from others on the market.  We still have people using their original vacuum they purchased 20 years ago.  Check out this vacuum – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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