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The Right Tool Accessories to Eliminate Concrete Dust

Tools to managing concrete dustBeing a professional contractor in today’s industrial world is significantly different than what it used to be even just a few years ago. Safety and technology are driving the new standards in industrial building and demolition. Working with concrete has increasingly become regulated as the new OSHA silica ruling has worked to eliminate concrete dust exposure and the negative health effects associated with breathing in concrete dust. Also, in addition to compliance and safety concerns, excessive concrete dust can become expensive to a business striving to reduce costs of cleanup, dust control, and losing bids to more technology driven competitors with the best tools to get the job done right.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with the Right Tool Accessories

It’s an ever increasing competitive environment that we all compete in. The success of your business depends on your ability to gain that slight edge over your competition. Many professional contractors have the right tools but lack a competitive edge in choosing and implementing the right tool accessories. When you’re working to eliminate concrete dust, there are many factors to consider. We’ve broken it all down for you to understand what you would need to understand to gain that competitive edge you need in your company.

What to Consider When Purchasing Tool Accessories for Cutting Concrete and Controlling Dust

Selecting the Best Method

There are two effective methods in cutting concrete – wet or dry. The industry standard started with wet cutting cement because it was an easy solution to containing concrete dust. However, because of the many drawbacks to wet cutting such as slurry cleanup, water spray, and certain environments not being conducive to allow water, dry cutting concrete is increasingly growing in popularity. The effective implementation of dry cutting has become a viable option through many technological innovations centered around the right vacuum and optimal filtration.

The Essential Tool Checklist

In order to effectively dry cut concrete, you need to have the right HEPA shop vacuum with fine dust particle filtration. Not every vacuum is created equal and not every vacuum will work. You’ll want to ensure that your working with a HEPA certified shop vacuum. In addition to the correct vacuum, filtration is key. An effective dry cutting solution requires advanced filtration in a complete system.

Working With a Dust Shroud

Dust Shroud for concrete dustDust shrouds are still relatively new in the construction world. But many top professionals prefer using a shroud than going without. Dust shrouds can capture up to 99% of concrete dust when using a power saw. Most major brands have a custom cutting shroud specific to their tool line, which is a great option if you own only one brand of tools. However, for the majority of contractors a universal fit dust shroud is more effective to match the variety of tools in your tool box. Things to consider when selecting a dust shroud would be effective dust control, universal fit, and ease of use.

Learn More About Controlling Concrete Dust

As an industry professional you care about your health and the well-being of your employees. As such, choosing the best option of dust control is something you want to get right the first time. Your success is our business. offers industry leading innovative dust solutions such as HEPA wet/dry vacuums, high performance dust shrouds, and our full line is universal fit to work with your favorite major tool brands. Shop online now to start seeing the power of a dust free job site.

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