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"This is a sophisticated American-made product complete with multiple layers of filtration and a 12-foot wire-frame hose. It excels as collecting fine talclike dust that's produced from work such as sanding drywall. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in thoroughness, producing an essentially dust-free stream of exhaust air." - Popular Mechanics

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"The Dustless Technologies 16003 Wet/Dry Vacuum is perfect for a wide range of situations, but it is a dream for picking up drywall dust. What is most notable on this model is the filtration system. The 16003 is perfectly suited for fine materials, with or without a water filter added. You can switch from wet to dry function without changing filters, making this both versatile and efficient."
- Best Shop Vac

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"This vacuum is perfect for airborne drywall dust and harmful particles. The Vac can capture huge amounts of fine dust without getting clogged up and losing suction. The filters are easy to clean and washable, saving cash on replacements and there is no requirement to change filters for wet vacuuming."
- Best Home Vacuum: The Best Vacuum for Drywall Dust in 2016

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"This vacuum does the simple thing in the best way, it collects dust extremely well. It has an impressive capacity to hold dirt. There are also other features that make the Dustless Technologies 16003 vacuum a good choice"
- Rafael Porter

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