7" Worm Drive Saw Shroud

7" Worm Drive Saw Shroud

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  • Vacuum shroud used in dust containment while using worm drive and hypoid saws
  • Captures up to 99% of concrete dust
  • Fits most 7 1/4” worm drive and hypoid circular saws
  • Made of an ABS/Polycarbonate blend for rugged durability
  • Wheels protect the cutting surface and glide smoothly
  • Metal baseplate takes heavy jobsite abuse
  • Complies with OSHA silica laws and EPA regulations for point-of-origin dust containment

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Included With This Product:

  • (1) DustBuddie for Worm Drive Saws
  • (1) 1.5” x 1.5” Adapter Cuff
  • (1) Front Rubber Dust Shield
  • (1) Rear Rubber Dust Shield (Optional)
  • (1) Releaseable Tie

"In the past…I would have dust all over, my clothes would be trashed… Not today!"

- John Rugg

Universal Fit

Some people buy a saw just for the included shroud. Don’t buy a new one—use the saws you already have. If you rely on one saw or many, you don’t have to worry about buying a new grinder for dust containment.

The DustBuddie is meant to fit most 7 1/4” worm drive and hypoid circular saws and will adapt to most standard wet dry vacuums.

To see a list of compatible saws based on testing and saw specs, click here.


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Captures 99% Of Dust

The DustBuddie captures nearly all dust generated while sawing. Using vacuum suction, the dust and debris are caught at the front and the back of the blade, giving you a truly dustless work environment.

This saves you and your workers from breathing harmful silica dust while keeping the area dust free, saving time and money in cleanup.

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Metal Baseplate With Wheels

Six mounted wheels allow you to “feel” the cuts better, allowing maximum dust collection while not sacrificing mobility. The wheels also keep the steel bottom from damaging the surface you are working on. You will glide smoothly and evenly over the surface without destroying your work.

The stainless steel baseplate protects the shroud in rough environments over years of use.

OSHA Silica Law Compliant

In September 2017, strict laws passed and enforced by OSHA go into effect limiting silica dust exposure. Penalties and fines can be severe.

When used with a 125 CFM vacuum system the DustBuddie is compliant with OSHA and EPA laws, keeping you and your workers safe from legal action and protecting you from harmful diseases caused by silica exposure.

Check out our Silica Wizard, a tool designed to help you know how to comply with the new silica laws.

Installation and Setup

1. Place saw on the DustBuddie

2. Secure with two hook-and-loop straps

3. Hook up your dust shroud to your vacuum

Technical Specs

Dust shields capture dust at the front and back

ABS/Polycarbonate Blend for abrasion resistance

Adapts to 1.25" and 1.5" hoses

UPC 617450440005
Length 0 in.
Width 0 in.
Height 0 in.
Weight 0 lbs
Color Black, Stainless
Warranty 90 Days
Port Size 1.25", 1.5"

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