OSHA Silica Rule Tool Compliance
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Interactive OSHA Silica Rule Compliance Tool

Quickly find the most cost-effective way to comply using our vacuums and universal-fit shrouds.
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HEPA & Wet+Dry Vacuums

Whether you're working around the home, or on a jobsite, cleanup is easy and efficient when using our extensive line of wet+dry vacuums, HEPA vacuums, industrial vacuums, and ash vacuums. Capturing fine dust from sanding, grinding or cutting is a breeze, and we even have vacuums that meet or exceed EPA and OSHA guidelines.

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Dust Shrouds

Dustless Tools offers a series of shrouds for point-of-origin dust control of universal hand tools, such as drills, hand grinders, disc sanders, and reciprocating saws. With adapters to fit most leading brand hand tools, our dust shrouds have vacuum attachments to provide a clean, safe, dust-free work environment that contributes to improved worker health.

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Jobsite Tools

Dustless Tools also provides its customers with other equipment, including a lightweight Drywall Sander with an orbital sanding head, and the ChipBuddie, a paint-scraping tool that captures paint chips as soon as they are dislodged. Both of these products have vacuum attachments, which provide ongoing dust control for homeowners and contractors.

More on the ChipBuddie and Drywall Sander

Pit Hawg

Designed for BBQs, charcoal grills, pellet grills, smokers, fire pits, and outdoor stoves, the Pit Hawg flame-resistant materials handle warm to cold ash to clean conveniently and mess-free.


DustBull Dustless Cutting Shroud


The DustBull fits gas powered saws for collecting dust when cutting bricks, blocks and pavers. It extends saw life by keeping dust away and helps protect workers from inhaling harmful "silica" dust.


DustBuddie XP

Making grinding more manageable, the DustBuddie dust shroud captures up to 99% of the dust created by a hand grinder, and complies with EPA regulations for point-of-origin dust containment.


Dustless HEPA Wet Dry Vacuum

HEPA Wet+Dry Vacuum

Designed to switch from dry to wet operation without getting the valuable HEPA filter wet, the HEPA Wet+Dry Dustless Vacuum is the most economically affordable HEPA vacuum available today.


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