Company Story

Dustless was founded to make cleanup easier. Contractors and DIY pros have tough jobs. Our mission is to make the elimination of dust, ash and other mess that is part of those jobs as fast and easy as possible.

The first Dustless product was developed by company founder Mike Loveless in 1983. Mike's wife, Colleen, was frustrated with the constant dust and ash mess caused by their home wood stove. Mike went into the garage and developed the original ash vacuum. Soon, friends and family wanted one just like it — and then everyone else did, too. The Love-Less Ash Company was officially founded in 1988.

In 1997, a second revolutionary vacuum was developed — the Dustless Wet+Dry Vacuum — and the second division of the company, Dustless Technologies, was born. Since then, we've created dozens of complementary vacuums, dust shrouds and accessories to make the jobsite truly dust-free.

The same spirit of innovation that created our first vacuum still guides the company, and our goal is the same, too: to give you the tools you need to get the job done right ... cleanly and easily.

Mike Loveless
Mike Loveless

Loveless Ash Company

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