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Industrial Vacuums

Our industrial vacs are built in-house and lead times may vary depending on demand.

DustDroid 300 w/ 2.5"x25' hose
Item #:H0302


DustDroid 600 w 3" x 25' hose
Item #:H0601


The patent-pending DustDroid® Industrial Vacuums are designed for capturing extra fine dust created by cutting, drilling, grinding and sanding materials. They produce an astonishing 300 to 600 CFM and feature wheeled, 20 gallon or 30 gallon (optional 50-gallon) tanks that are easily emptied.

These workhorse vacuums have fewer moving parts, and no solenoids, requiring less maintenance and providing more reliable performance. Cyclone separation technology extends the life of HEPA filters and improves filtration and collection. The AirBender™ technology enables contractors to go longer between filter cleaning.

The DustDroid® Industrial Vacuums are ideal for compliance with EPA RRP lead paint removal and OSHA Silica Dust Standard regulations.

Interactive OSHA Silica Standard
Compliance Tool

OSHA Silica Rule Interactive Tool

Quickly find the most cost-effective way to comply using our vacuums and universal-fit dust shrouds.

Get OSHA Silica Compliant

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