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Dustless Wet Dry Vac
Item #:D1603


The patented Dustless Wet Dry Vacs have a powerful motor, 16 gallon capacity and allow you to go from wet to dry without switching filters. A baffle inside the barrel keeps the water away from the filters, and a check ball prevents overfilling, making it better than other shop vacs on the market today.

The patented filtration system of the Dustless Wet Dry Vacs allow you to clean the filters without opening the barrel for a more dust-free work environment. These vacuums provides "almost HEPA" performance. The disposable and tear-resistant WunderBag™ micro pre-filter shop vacuum bag captures particles down to .5 microns, amazingly close to HEPA filters that capture down to .3 microns.

Best for capturing fine dust from drywall sanding, grinding/cutting of concrete, brick, stone or fiberglass, the Dustless Wet Dry Vacs provide powerful suction and intense durability to stand up to whatever the jobsite throws at you.

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